Look, the real reason people have blogs is to distribute what they think is profound knowledge and, in the end, become wildly popular. I’m no exception. I’m a fairly honest guy; I’ll tell you that your baby is cute no matter what but if your hardware is crap, I’ll never lie about that.  Also, since I’m desperate for attention, please follow me on Twitter (@gthill). I’m not on Facebook. I’ve boycotted it for so long that I can’t give up now.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. therolster says:

    HI GT Hill…can I ask…is PCF what the single channel architecture vendors (to mention no names) use? Or do they use an hybrid version of this. Great blog by the way. Factual, succinct and REAL. Carry on :>)

    • gthill says:

      SCA vendors use a combination of technique to achieve their goal. They use a combination of NAV timers (false duration timers in frames) and RSSI knowledge to transmit multiple frames on the same channel from different APs even IF they are in the same contention area. For example, two APs on the same channel with one client associated to each AP…. BOTH APs can transmit at the same time successfully IF the SINR (Signal to Interference + Noise Ratio) is high enough. That means that the signal from one AP is actually interference to the other APs client. That sounds confusing; hope it makes sense.

      The difference between signal and interference is sometimes just a matter of perspective.


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